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The Irish Exit isn't just a party bar or a place to dance on tables, there is so much more to our madness. Just what would that be? Well you'll have read on to find out!

Posted on October 08th, 2016

Last Week at The Irish Exit

Last week at The Irish Exit….            We hope that everyone had an eventful Halloween! We had quite the celebration here, filled with contests, drink specials, dancing, and lots and lots of candy…seriously we hope that we never have to see a Snickers wrapper again. The bar tops and mirrors were covered in bright orange lights and cobwebs, complimented with horrific asylum decorations that really spiced up the season. The staff, of course, was in the most festive of spirits as they dressed up as zombies, doctors, and even Amish men. DJ Dave blasted Thriller through our newly installed sound system as guests did their best impressions of the infamous Michael Jackson dance routine. For those of you that came out, I’m sure you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see you again soon!    Thanksgiving Eve             There is no better place to spend the best drinking holiday of the year. Pound back shots responsibly on November 25th, because we will be going strong all night. We are the best place to reunite with your college and hometown pals because we always provide an atmosphere for a great time, in the most chaotic way possible. After all, Thanksgiving Day might as well be known as a hangover’s paradise….sleep in, chow down on turkey, and recover with a nice glass of red wine… you’ll need it after your night at The Irish Exit. Book Your Holiday Parties With Us:             The holiday season is swiftly approaching, with Halloween peaking around the corner. Inquiries are already pouring in for Halloween and Christmas parties. It’s never too early to book your event with us. Our private back room is perfect for corporate events, or even for a nice gathering with a group of friends… ‘friendsgiving’ parties anyone? We are extremely flexible on the arrangement of the room to provide the best atmosphere for you and your guests. Drop by and see the space if you would like! Our staff would be more than happy to show you around. Call steph Toots 212 755 8383 or email steph@irishexit.com  Tune in next week for more!

Posted on October 06th, 2016

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